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Picture of Resistance

This documentary is the story of Kenya's unsung heroes who carry forward the tradition of the thousands of nameless freedom fighters of Kenya's long path to liberation. Those who have fought tirelessly in the forest, in the streets and in their homes to make a better nation.

Kilio Cha Wamama

In sub Saharan Africa, 84% of women non-agricultural workers are in informal employment. Women informal workers have historically been exposed to incredible forms of exploitation by employers, who have never been under real pressure or obligation; from union, relevant government departments or other stake holders to fulfill their basic rights.



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Official deposit by Equatorial Guinea of their instrument of ratification of the Protocol on the rights of Women.

Fahamu Pan-African Fellowship programe 


Africa from exploitation to resistance

The perception of Africa that many people in the UK have is dominated by starvation, corruption and tribalism. But while Africa is at the sharp end of corporate exploitation, the story of ordinary Africans organising against injustice remains largely untold. This session will explore the African social movements who are writing their own history across the continent.


Africa beyond aid

Most African countries receive more than 10 per cent of their GDP in aid. This creates huge problems, including making governments more accountable to donors than to voters. Would cutting aid make things worse or better? Some big charities are currently campaigning to defend aid spending. This session will consider whether that’s the right priority, and what else we should be doing.


From food crisis to food sovereignty

Bankers are speculating on food in global markets, causing price spikes and real hardship for millions. ‘Land grabs’ in Africa are seeing more farmland transferred into corporate hands. Over one billion people in the world are hungry despite decades of ‘development’. Our food system is in crisis, but a global movement of small producers is fighting for an alternative – food sovereignty. This session will explore the problems of, and possible solutions to, the global food crisis.


Africa: The impacts of climate change in Africa

Climate change is a global phenomenon that affects different populations around the world in different ways. In South Africa, for example, there are situations caused by global warming, as in the rest of the African continent. Siziwe Khanyile, member of environmental organization GroundWork, Friends of the Earth South Africa, talked about this.


Crossroads radio drama

Crossroads is a six episode serial radio drama exploring issues related to the African Union Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa. Produced by CMFD on behalf of Fahamu and the African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET)


Episode 6 of Crossroads (mp3)

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